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Visit our full selection of Post-Extrusion Machinery:


SH Series Sheet Saws
SS Series Sheet Saws
Trim Saws
Profile and Pipe Saws

Hot Knife
Hot Knife (Heat Severing Machine)

Pipe & Tubing Coilers
Single Reel Coilers
Double Reel (High Volume) Coilers
Large Diameter Pipe Coilers

Pipe Perforators
Pipe Perforators

Wheel Pullers & Embosser Stands
Wheel Pullers & Embosser Stands

Downstream Plastics Extrusion Machinery

We provide a wide range of material handling and cutting equipment to support your production of extruded plastic sheet, profile, or pipe and tubing.

NMC purchased the Sakas line of post-extrusion machinery in 1998.  Sakas and NMC machinery is at work for processors around the world, and is continuing to provide the high quality and rugged durability that have been associated with the Sakas name for nearly 40 years.

Do you have a special material size or unique production requirements?  We would be happy to work with you, and provide a solution to meet your needs.