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Ultrasonic and Vibration Welding

Time Energy or Linear Energy for Weld integrity and hermetic seals.  Local tooling available.

Spin Welding and Hot Plate
High quality permanent joints, hermetic seals, ease of assembly, immediate handling, entrapment of other parts.

Infra-Red Heat Staking / Hot Air Cold Staking
The Infra-Red Staking process utilizes infrared energy for uniform heating and staking. Heat Staking is available in various sizes and can produce a stronger, tighter joint in less time than conventional methods  This translates into lower manufacturing costs and lower utility usage.

Extrusion Welders
Light and Medium for assembly repair and prototyping.

Tooling and Fixtures
Ultrasonic horns and fixtures.  Holding fixtures for hotplate.  Vibration welders and spin welders.  Paint fixtures and cooling jigs.

Pad Printers and Hot Stamping Equipment
We offer pad printers, with 30 mm to 210 mm "Hermetic" Ink/Doctoring cup.

Part Design & Assembly Consulting Services
NMC has helped numerous customers solve complex problems.  Such as, weldment placement, part design for easy assembly (etc.).

For more information please contact: 
Ken McClelland at 740-928-6025 ext. 24