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Large-Diameter Pipe Coilers
For 2" through 4" diameter polyethylene pipe

NMC large diameter pipe coilers provide heavy duty service for large diameter plastic pipe.  These units are both torque and speed controlled via a powerful AC drive.  Quick collapsing side arms and coil supports relieve binding and allow for easy coil removal.

Features & Benefits

  • Torque and Speed Controlled AC Drive
  • Quick-Collapsing Side Arms for Easy coil Removal
  • Coil Supports Also Collapse to Relieve Coil Binding
  • Air-Actuated Pipe Clap with Automatic Release
  • Movable Control Stand For Convenience of Operation


Model C114 CH100A
Pipe Sizes 2", 3", 4" 2", 3"
I.D.  48" Through 84" 
48" and 70"
 (2 settings only) 
O.D. I.D. + 30"
Coil Width Any width up to 51"

Capacities (sample settings only)

 Pipe Size  I.D. Setting  Width  Pipe Length
2" 48" 39" 1500 ft.
3" 70" 51" 1000 ft.
4" 84" 51" 825 ft.