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TH-Series Trim Saw with SH-Series Sheet Saw

NMC trim saws are available in both 5 HP and 10 HP variable motor configuration. All Sakas-NMC trim saws are designed so that the blades are lowered below the table when not in use. The upper guards are hinged for start-up. Units are designed with dust duct connections above and below each saw, connected to a common duct which, in turn, connects to your central dust collection system .
Features & Benefits:
  • Variable Speed Saw Motors
  • HP per Motor: T=5; TH=10
  • Saws are Lowered Below Table When Not in Use
  • Upper Guards are Hinged for Start-Up
  • Dust Duct Connection Above and Below Each Saw - All Ducts Connected to Common Duct
  • Factory Dust Collection Not Available
    (unit should be connected to a central dust collection system)
  • Unit Attached to Sakas-NMC Crosscut Sheet Saw
  • Adjustable Center Slitter Saw Available on 72" & 84" models
    (T72, TH72, T84, and TH84)

Specifications For T and TH Series

Model Max. Width After Trim Min. Width After Trim
T48 48" 30"
TH48 48" 30"
T60 60" 36"
TH60 60" 36"
T72 72" 48"
TH72 72" 48"
T84 84" 60"
TH84 84" 60"