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For material thickness 0.06" through 0.19"

The hot knife (heat severing machine) is designed to sever wide rigid sheet in-line by using a traveling heated knife blade to score the material, followed by a compression roll system to sever-snap the sheet.

The hot knife offers several advantages over using a saw for thin sheet, including elimination of dust, material savings, lower sound level, and accommodation of higher line speeds.

Materials that can be severed include acrylic, styrene, and ABS.

Hot Knife

Three Stage Operation of the Hot Knife

1) Traveling scoring head   With positive clamping on the extruded sheet, two heated blades - one on top and one on bottom - provide the score mark across the full width of the sheet. Blade temperature and scoring cycle are adjustable.
2) Break area    Compression rolls slightly flex the sheet, forcing it to cleanly snap along the score line.
3) Carry-off   Powered carry-off rolls are supplied behind the break area to pass the sheet into an inspection table, stacker, etc.

Hot Knife Specifications

Model Max. Sheet Width Material Thickness Machine Width Machine Length
HSM48 48" 0.060"-0.188" 84" 137"
HSM60 60" 96"
HSM72 72" 108"