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Dovetail Slides

N-1000 Series with a narrow base and front cylinder mount
2" bore cylinder 2-6" stroke
N-2000 Series with a narrow base and front spacer, 2" bore cylinder
N-3000 Series slides, 2" bore cylinder
N-4000 Series slides, 3 or 4" bore cylinder 

Screw Motion Slides


N-5000 Series Screw Motion Slides
N-6000 Ball joint accessories, multi-degree rotational angle

New innovative quick set up slide making set-up and layout change a snap

Operation is simple.  Just press the release button to disengage the drive, then move slider manually to the desired position.  Use the fine adjust to finish and you're done.


N-5000 Screw motion slide
with ball joint accessory

Call or e-mail for a spec sheet and order form.