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Enhanced Tools to Support Automation
NMC offers unique solutions to increase production time, reduce setup time and material and retooling costs.  Whether it is adding a vision system to your current process or creating a new system, NMC has the tools and expertise to complete your assembly process.

Adding a vision system
Our systems have Improved quality for industries such as automotive, electronics, pharmaceutical, injection molding, semiconductor, food/beverage and packaging.

Building automation around a vision system
Our vision systems offer flexible automation solutions.  Your parts are fed in a cost effective manner that works for you.  Vision systems can inspect parts on a conveyor, feeder bowl, or on a pallet.

DVT Camera Systems Integrator 
NMC engineers receive annual training from DVT.  NMC designers always have the latest beta software from DVT so that we can utilize every advantage the DVT camera systems have to offer.

Visit DVT on line at